Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

We loved having Jadyn here with us for Christmas. She was the best present ever! Christmas was pretty quiet this year. Just the three of us...but it was great! I couldn't feel more blessed. Can't wait to see what this next year brings!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome Home

Well Jadyn FINALLY made her arrival home after spending 10 weeks and 4 days in the NICU.

First ride in the car

  Getting ready to come home

Family Photo
(Notice no cords for the first time)
 We couldn't be more excited! She is a healthy, happy girl. She is still anemic and still has fluid in her belly, but after everything we went through we find these two things very very minor. She does not have Turner's Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy or any brain damage that they thought that she might. She is our little miracle baby and we feel so blessed!!. I feel like a say this alot but I don't think you can say it enough... Thanks for everyones prayers and support! We love having her home :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exciting News!!!

I am so happy to announce that Jadyn is doing so good! It was hard when she wasn't able to come home on her due date. I had to find a whole new level of patience. 

Yesterday we started a trial run of feeding her according to her own schedule instead of feeding her every 3 hours whether she was awake or not (through her tube). The only condition to pass this test was that she has to wake up and take everything my mouth - no feeding tube. I knew she could do it and was really pushing for them to give her this chance.
She has done amazing so far and this is a huge and final step in her coming home!!!
If she keeps this up she is most likely coming home in just a few days!!! We hope! I don't even dare write that in fear that she won't but I believe that she is ready. Can't wait for the day when I can pack her up in her car seat and make that trip home... finally! She also was able to get off her oxygen today which is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully she keeps it up!

She is a little over 9 weeks old and I can't believe how big she is. Last night when they weighed her she weighed 8 lbs and 4 oz. Can you believe that?? Granted a lot of that is fluid but it's so crazy how fast they grow. She used to just be a tiny thing only 4 lbs not too long ago.

2 months old!

On Nov 30th our baby girl turned two months old!!!

It is so hard to get pictures of her when this is what she looks like everyday....

All bundled up in her little crib.

I attempted to stick a headband on her to celebrate the occasion but she was sleeping like a rock and I didn't want to mess with her too much. I tried :)

She had a big accomplishment this week:
She got her very first bath! Ha! How sad is that...she had to wait that long because of IV's and other things that would pop up preventing her to have one. Good thing little babies are able to go so long without one.
Over all Jadyn is doing fairly well except for the fluid that has reappeared in her belly and she has had some issues with her blood that we are trying to work out. Her red blood cell count is very low making her sleepy a lot of the time. But besides that she is doing great!

Due date

Thanksgiving was my due date. It was so weird to think that I should just now be having a baby but instead I have a 8 week old.

Here I am right before I had Jadyn at 31 weeks.

I don't think there is anyway I would have made it 2 more months :) I was huge!

I was able to spend most of Thanksgiving with Jadyn. I can't believe how old she is getting.
8 weeks old

7 weeks

 Jadyn was finally doing better when they discovered the fluid was coming back in her belly. She got a sample of the fluid sent off to see what was going on but all the tests they were looking for came back negative. We don't know what has caused the fluid to come back but she is handling it pretty well considering all the added pressure. She finally started handling her tube feeds better and I was able to start nursing again. Then they did another an ultrasound and discovered air in her bowels and we had to stop feeding her again for 24 hrs. Poor girl. Everything checked out and she has been doing pretty good ever since then   

6 weeks

After 2 weeks of being sick Jadyn finally got over her infection. She was on IV's and did not get to eat for 10 days which was so sad, especially at the end of her sickness when she was starting to get hungry and wanted food. For 8 of the days that she was sick, so was I with a mild head cold. So I stayed away too scared to give her anything on top of the infection she had. I think that one of the hardest things I had to go through since she was born.

On my birthday, since I had gotten the ok from the Dr., I finally was able to go see Jadyn. It was such a good present :) My mom also was able to be here for my birthday and was able to hold Jadyn for the first time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Even though I just did a post below from last week (i'm a little behind), I thought I'd give you all an update on Jadyn is doing this week. Good news or bad news our blog is a good way to keep everyone updated and a good way for me to document what she is going through.

This has been a rough week for Jadyn. They think that she may have some sort of virus or infection but have not been able to determine what exactly is going on. It started out as diarrhea and now 3 days later she is off her tube feedings, has two IV sites, is on antibiotics, and has a tube to empty her stomach. They have had to give her some blood also. They continue to do more tests on her and we are waiting for more results. She is starting to do a little bit better and we hope that she continues to get over this bump in the road. I can't wait to have my old Jadyn back. We always hear that it is a rollercoaster ride in the NICU but haven't experienced it until now. I feel like she just took 5 steps backwards. On top of all that I woke up with a very mild runny nose, so I will be spending my time at home until I know for sure that I am not sick. It is scary how easily little preemies can catch something. I am so paranoid. I hope I can visit her soon. It is so hard to be away from her.

Well that is my update for now. No pictures this week (look at my last post for the latest). We continue to pray for her and know she will be able to overcome this soon. It is crazy to think that she is already 5 weeks old today! Thanks for everyones continued prayers and support.

One month old/Halloween

On Oct 30th our sweet girl turned one month old. 

I always thought I would have cute professional newborn pictures taken, and then have some good pics at one month old also. Well things like that don't work out so well when your baby is in the NICU. So for now these pics will have to work. Its weird to think that when she was one month old I was only suppose to be 36 weeks pregnant.

She is starting to grow so much and is filling out. Check out these chubby cheeks.

Mom and Jadyn. (She looks big but is all blanket)
  • Jadyn accomplished something huge this week...On Oct 26th she started breastfeeding for the first time! We have been waiting for like 2 weeks for her to become alert enough to act like she was interested in trying to suck. That Tues she was awake enough for me to see if she would latch on. She did quickly and acted like a pro. Since she is so sleepy all the time, we were only able to practice a few more times that week. She falls asleep really fast and is trying to learn the art of how to suck and breathe and the same time.
The NICU takes pictures for free at Halloween time so we decided to get some done. I wasn't there when they did them but they were able to take her tubes out and just blow oxygen by her face.

Jadyn will probably hate us for getting these done. I thought she was going to be a cute princess, a fairy or even a bunny... but instead I think she looks a little like Hulk Hogan LOL! Ok... that is mean to say but I'm not the biggest fan of the costume they put on her. But I still think she is the cutest thing ever!!!

Our Goldie Locks

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three weeks down

About five more weeks in the NICU. Our baby girl seems to be getting so big :) She has had some big changes this past week...

Oct 18th she went from being naked all the time.... wearing clothes for the first time!!!
I love this picture! She is not awake very often but when she is I just want to squeeze her! I'm glad that I happened to capture it on camera. It was so weird to walk in her room that day and see her with clothes on. They were trying to wean her from her isolette.

Later that day she was moved from her first home in the isolette.. her big girl bed in an open crib!

She only lasted in the open crib for a day and a half until she got moved back into her isolette because she was borderline on keeping her temperature up. They decided that she was using all her calories trying to stay warm instead of growing. So for now she is back in the isolette but it was still a big step!

Other Accomplishments this week....
  • PIC line taken out
  • Advanced from high flow oxygen canula to regular oxygen canula
  • Oxygen weaned down to 3/4 L
  • On full feedings of 40 ml
  • Tube feeding moved from mouth to nose (NG tube) so she can learn to suck
  • Weight 4 lbs 12 oz.
  • Becoming a little more alert
  • All medications D/C'd

Friday, October 15, 2010

2 weeks old

Jadyn is now 2 weeks old. We get to hold her a lot more now. I have been able to do skin to skin with her and I love it and would like to think that she loves it too. She is always so good and seems so content.

Here are some more pics from this week......

Accomplishments this week:
  • Advanced from CPAP to high flow oxygen canula
  • Started out on 4 liters of oxygen now weaned down to 2 liters
  • Tube feedings advanced to 25 ml
  • Weight 4 lb 6 oz
  • Got to do skin to skin contact with mom for the first time
  • Took a binkie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jadyn's First Week

On 10/7/10 Jadyn turned one week old!
Once Cade got off work we headed to the hospital to celebrate.

Daddy's Visit

Then since Jadyn got her CPAP turned down to a 5, the nurse surprised us by letting us hold her for the very first time.

There is no better feeling than being able to hold your precious baby in your arms. I became very emotional. It was such an amazing experience. I always imagined being able to hold my baby right after birth but that didn't happen in our case. Up until that point I was only allowed to reach into her isolet and place my fingers on her tiny little body, hold her hand, or touch her foot. No rubbing or caressing was allowed because it was too much stimulation.

 In Jadyn's first week:
  • About 300 ml of fluid was drained from her stomach
  • Advanced from her ventilator to her CPAP
  • Began tube feedings. Started out on 4 ml and advanced to 15 ml
  • Got a million test taken
  • Lost about 8 oz in weight: from 4 lb 13 oz to 4 lb 5 oz (which is desired because of her ascites)
We love our baby girl and are glad that she is doing welll!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Early Arrival

On September 30th at 12:26am we welcomed our sweet baby girl into our family.

Jadyn Marni Booth
(We used Marni after Cade's late sister)

She came as a surprise....two whole months before her due date.
I feel like there is so much to tell (especially since I haven't updated my blog in forever).
In a nutshell: My doctors had told me she would come early because of all the fluid in her stomach and because I had triple the amiotic fluid I should have. They said my body thought that I was fullterm. My goal was to make it to at least 36 weeks but I made it to 32 instead.
Jadyn's Birth Story: 
WARNING: long post
Wednsday Sept. 29th - (times are approximate)
  • 11:30 am - Cade and I arrive at hospital for my weekly non stress test
  • 12:00 pm - After monitoring me for a half hour my nurse told me that my contractions were 4 min apart and since my doctor was downstairs at Labor and Delivery she wanted me to go get checked out just to be safe.
  • 12:15 pm - After getting checked in at Labor and Delivery, we hurried down the hall for our appointment we had set up with the NICU doctor to get a tour of St. Marks Newborn Intesive Care Unit
  • 12:45 pm - Got changed and hooked up to monitors to follow my contractions
  • 1:30 pm - Contractions now coming 2 min apart
  • 1:45 pm - Cervix checked and thinned
  • 2:00 pm - Given a shot of medicine to relax my uterus and slow down contractions 
  • 2:30 pm - After contractions slowed down quite a bit, I was given different medication to slow down contractions further
  • 3:00 pm - Sent home with a perscription and put on bed rest!!!
  • 4:00 pm - Arrive at home and go straight to bed
  • 5:35 pm - My WATER BROKE!! 
  • 5:50 PM - Called doctor. Cade arrives home from work and we head to hospital (good thing I packed a bag a few days before)
Things are somewhat a blur after that. I will spare all the other details but in a nutshell because I was such a high risk we were sent to a different hospital that we had never been to before. When we arrived they would not let us in because it just happened to be on lock down because of security reasons. So there we are...we can't get in, and my i'm totally out of my element with none of my doctors that I'm used to. A hour later we finally got checked in. They told me that since my water broke and my contractions were irregular, they were going to try and keep me there 2 weeks before they would take our baby.
  • 11:00pm - Contractions 1 min apart and the 4 doctors working on me decided they need to take the baby via C-Sect. They threw a pair of scrubs at Cade and said put these on we are doing a C-sect in an hour.
Thurs Sept 30th:
  • 12:00 am - Wheel me into OR, prep, give me an epidural, send Cade in....... AND
  • 12:26 am - JADYN MARNI BOOTH makes her arrival in the world
Our sweet baby was immediately passed through the window into the NICU where she will spend the next 8 weeks.
Thanks for every ones support. Jadyn has been stable and seems to be improving each day. She has equipment to help her breathe and is doing fairly well on her tube feedings. She still has her PIC line in but it may come out soon. She is beautiful and doing well and that is all we can ask for. I have the hardest time leaving her after my visits each day. It is so weird to come home empty handed. I look forward to the day when she can come home with us. We love our baby girl and feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bear Lake and Update

Last weekend Cade and I and about 20 of our friends all went to Bear Lake.
We had lots of fun hanging at Keira's cabin, laying in the sun (well me trying to stay outta the sun), going to the demolition derby, and eating raspberry shakes.

Here are some pics of our day at the Lake.

Hanna, Brian, Kim, Cade
(Thanks for the pic Em)
The bro's minus Levi:

The three prego's. (Me at 25wks. Bridget at 33 wks and Gianne at 32 wks...I think)

Waiting for the football....
Here it comes...
Cade is pretty proud of this one handed catch :) Thanks for the pic Gianne.

Cade and I are trying to go on with life as normal as possible. We moved into our new place in South Jordan on Mon. I will have to post pics of that later when its decorated...which might be a while. Now that we have an extra bedroom I am having a hard time trying not to think about the nursery I want to create.
As far as Dr. appointments I am now going every week. One week I go to my reg OB, then the next to my specialist. I still get so nervous when i go in for my ultrasounds. Everything is pretty much the same as far as her fluid and outcome. I guess I'm just relieved she is not getting I'll take it.  We have made it to 26 weeks. The heartbeat is still good and she is still growing. My doctors seem to think this could either be a good thing because her odds have SLIGHTLY improved since I have made it a little further, or a bad thing because the longer I carry her the more attached I get. They still are not too optimistic. But I have no choice but to think that she just might make it.
 I told a few people I would try and let them know what was going on so hopefully this little update works for now.
Thanks again for thinking of us.