Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Days of Summer

Cade and I have been trying to do lots of things outdoors before we have to deal with the cold weather here in Cedar. We went hiking with some friends on the backside of Zion's (that is basically in our backyard) which I never knew about.

Cade has been wanting to ride horses for the longest time. This last time we were in Panaca my sister Heather took us riding and Cade defintately surprised me with his horse riding skills ;)

He was feeling so confident that he took off in the sage brush alone for a while.

We also went fishing this past week up by Mammoth Creek. We have some friends that have a cabin up there and it is always fun to go enjoy the outdoors and get out of Cedar for a bit.

We went camping for the first time since we have been married at Cade's family reunion up Nephi canyon but I failed to take some pictures, so I guess that pretty much covers our summer fun. I went from not blogging at all, to trying to fill 2 months into one entry. However, I am started to get the hang of this a little bit better with the help of Lizzy :)