Monday, September 28, 2009

Life Lately

We are all moved into our new place. Yep thats right we moved again for the 3rd time so far since we've been married. I'm not a big fan of moving either. It amazes us everytime how there is this never ending pile of stuff that accumulates at the end of a move that keeps you coming back time after time when you think you are finally done. Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about. Our new place is not only new to us but fairly new in general. It is a 2 year old duplex, kinda small but we love it. We have a back yard which I love. Even though summer is over, it is comforting (especially after living on a second floor of an apartment) that I can just walk outside and enjoy the fresh air whenever I please.

This past weekend we headed out to Panaca for the 100 Year Celebration of Lincoln County High School. It was so fun to go home and see old friends and remember what high school was like not only for me but all those who have attended LCHS in the last 100 years. I think the oldest alumni there was 98 years old. We were able to go to a lot of the activities and watch the Homecoming football game. (P.S. still cannot believe that my nephew is a Senior there! Freaks me out!) Good job Tyler and Logan! But most of all we were there to work. All ten kids came home to help my mom cater a lunch and dinner for about 1000 people. Crazy! Whew, just glad that is over and now my mom can rest.
Fall has definately arrived and summer is gone :(
The only thing that gets me excited this time of year is looking forward to holidays, maybe the occasional snow boarding trip, and snuggling up at home when its cold. Other than that I'll just be counting down the days till summer is back. Here's a recap of the very few pics I have taken this summer.
Cade's idea: Picnic at Yankee MeadowCade, Karlee, Kaihe

Cade's Big 29th Birthday


Family Reunion: One of many!

Lindsay and I getting ready for the zip line

Lake Powell