Friday, April 13, 2012

18 Months

On March 28th I took Jadyn in for her 18 month appointment. Can you believe it? 

While we were waiting for the doctor she kept getting the keys out of the diaper bag and bringing them to me. I think that she was trying to tell me she was ready to go. She does fine until you lay her on the table to measure her and she freaks out because she thinks you are about to torture her with needles. She didn't even get shots this time either which was a nice break. Its good to see that she is growing and healthy. She still says around 8 words regularly but I think she will take off here in the language department pretty soon. 

  • Words she says: Mama, Dada, no, whoa (this used to be her favorite word anytime she slipped or dropped something), hi (with an accentuated 'E' sound at the end) shoe, eye, pat, "ba" for bath, "sh" for brush teeth, "buba" for bubbles, and a whole other language I cannot understand
  • Favorite foods are eggs, snap peas, strawberries, green beans, pretzels, and chicken nuggets. Eats most anything you give her thankfully, except broccoli, cooked peas, and peanut butter.
  • I will now catch her reading books all by herself. She will sit on the floor open them up and point and talk and turn the pages.
  • If she gets a hold of a paper towel or baby wipe she will try to clean the whole house including her high chair, the floors, baby dolls face, tv stand, even the walls. 
  • Playing out side is still her favorite thing to do. She will come hold my hand and drag me to the front door about ten times a day begging to go outside. I hate rainy/snowy days because of this. 
  • Loves to do anything artsy. Give her a crayon, some colored pencils, or even a pen and this girl will sit and color for quite a while. She has just started finger painting and loves that as well. 
  • Is starting to be a lot more social. Anytime we go to the grocery store she will wave and say hi to everyone. Its seriously the cutest thing. I hate it when the cashier doesn't even acknowledge her with her little wave and sweet little voice saying "hiiii".
  • Loves Ring-a-Round-the-Rosies
  • When she dances she pumps her fists in the air. Awesome.

We love this girl!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Jadyn and I went to Panaca for a few days in March. It was so good to be home. 

This girl loved playing in the dirt!

Reminded me a lot of my childhood.

She also got to do a bunch of fun things like: hold a baby chick, jump on the tramp, and play with cousins.

Momma's Shoes

"Shoe" is Jadyn's new favorite word this past month. 

She is constantly bringing me shoes trying in put them on.

One day I caught her trying to put on my high heels. 

With a little help she stood up in them and was so excited. 

She even took a few steps. 

Love that smile!

Discovery Museum

Jadyn loves to go to Discovery Museum. 
This time she got to go with two of her cousins.

 Madden, Jez, and Jadyn

I attempted to do Jadyn's very first ponytail a couple of months ago and it didn't work so well. 

I was still so proud that I could could get a few little hairs together on the top of her head. It was a monumental occasion. Ha!!

If she is anything like her Momma, this is as good as its gonna get for the next five years. Come on hair. Grow. 


Valentine's Day

My cute Valentine.

This year for Valentines we stayed in as a family and had a nice dinner.
Some yummy ribs even made an appearance thanks to Pinterest.

Love my Valentines!

Elder Centers Farewell

On February 12th we headed to Garrison Utah to my nephews farewell.
 He is now serving in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission.
Makes me feel proud and also kinda old.

It will be weird to see how much Jadyn will change over the next two years. 

Both Tyler and Grandpa Dad would probably kill me for posting this picture, but this is for you dear family members. Awesome right?

I guess this is a little more "normal".


One cold day in February Jadyn and I went outside to blow some bubbles.

 Her amazement and pure excitement was priceless. 

I loved seeing her expressions. 

Who new bubbles could be so fun?

15 Months

Jadyn at 15 months (12/30/11):

- why is it the cutest thing when baby girl eats a gram cracker in her very own little petite way?
- why is it when toddlers put a dishcloth, pants, blanket, etc on their head they think its the funniest thing in the world (and mom thinks its the cutest)?
-where did Jadyn learn to throw these overly dramatic tantrums just to get what she wants?
- why are green beans the only thing Jadyn wants to eat right now? We are talking green beans people.
-why are the cable cord and the garbage can the funnest things to play with in the house
-why can a favorite blankie make everything better?

(*funny how all of the things mentioned above were just a phase Jadyn went though at 15 months and no longer does those things)

Other things I want to remember:
  • Says "Mama", "Dada", "baba" and occasionally  "moo" and "baaa" (said Ho Ho at Christmas)
  • Does no no no with her finger when she is caught doing something she shouldn't
  • Favorite toys include stacking rings, blocks, and Lego car
  • Will definitely let you know when she doesn't want something by shaking her head
  • In her "new" room
  • Finally big enough for her big girl car seat (still rear facing)
  • Loves to draw/scribble with crayons