Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I cannot believe that I have a nephew old enough to drive and date! It was Homecoming at Lincoln this past week so Cade and I decided to go support my nephew at his varsity football game on Friday night. I wouldn't really call it a game though. The final score was like 72 to O - of coarse Lincoln County High School killed them :) It was fun to watch T start as a running back and L my other nephew who was on JV. I had lots of memories come back...I think Cade got sick of me reminiscing the whole time. I can't believe that I have been out of high school for almost 5 years now. Its been a little longer for Cade but who's counting. Cade's getting used to small towns now I think. He asked me why don't you guys have a track here and I said your looking at it. He couldn't believe that it was dirt...Ghetto