Sunday, December 5, 2010

2 months old!

On Nov 30th our baby girl turned two months old!!!

It is so hard to get pictures of her when this is what she looks like everyday....

All bundled up in her little crib.

I attempted to stick a headband on her to celebrate the occasion but she was sleeping like a rock and I didn't want to mess with her too much. I tried :)

She had a big accomplishment this week:
She got her very first bath! Ha! How sad is that...she had to wait that long because of IV's and other things that would pop up preventing her to have one. Good thing little babies are able to go so long without one.
Over all Jadyn is doing fairly well except for the fluid that has reappeared in her belly and she has had some issues with her blood that we are trying to work out. Her red blood cell count is very low making her sleepy a lot of the time. But besides that she is doing great!

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