Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jadyn's First Week

On 10/7/10 Jadyn turned one week old!
Once Cade got off work we headed to the hospital to celebrate.

Daddy's Visit

Then since Jadyn got her CPAP turned down to a 5, the nurse surprised us by letting us hold her for the very first time.

There is no better feeling than being able to hold your precious baby in your arms. I became very emotional. It was such an amazing experience. I always imagined being able to hold my baby right after birth but that didn't happen in our case. Up until that point I was only allowed to reach into her isolet and place my fingers on her tiny little body, hold her hand, or touch her foot. No rubbing or caressing was allowed because it was too much stimulation.

 In Jadyn's first week:
  • About 300 ml of fluid was drained from her stomach
  • Advanced from her ventilator to her CPAP
  • Began tube feedings. Started out on 4 ml and advanced to 15 ml
  • Got a million test taken
  • Lost about 8 oz in weight: from 4 lb 13 oz to 4 lb 5 oz (which is desired because of her ascites)
We love our baby girl and are glad that she is doing welll!!!


clarkfamblog said...

Congratulations Kim! What a remarkable story! Love and prayers to you and Cade and especially that precious new daughter Jadyn!
Janet Clark (Lindsay's Aunt)

JaKe and NaT* said...

oh my gosh i can't imagine what you were feeling when you finally got to hold her in my arms.. just seeing those pics of you holding her brought tears to my eyes.. you guys are so strong! I'm sure there are so many people praying for you guys and your little jadyn.. she is so so precious!!

JaKe and NaT* said...

haha i just realized i said my arms instead of your arms.. sorry for the typo:)

Ka'ihe and Karlee said...

Kim, I am so glad that you finally got to hold Jadyn! And I am so happy to hear that she is doing well!! I haven't told you this, but the day after I had Tre when your mom came to the hospital with Grandma I asked how you were doing and then I started sobbing like crazy. I just felt so bad for everything you have been going through. You are so strong and I know your little girl is going to be just fine. If you ask me doctors' don't know everything. Love you and hope to see your cute lil family soon!

Emily said...

I'm glad you're doing so well documenting everything. I'm sure that what you guys are going through seems like eternity right now- all the waiting and waiting. I hope that looking back on this in a few months, it will feel like it was just a small moment and you'll come through it all stronger and better! Love you all!

The Sutera Family said...

Oh how cute is she! She look really good. It's hard for me to tell but who do you think she looks more like?

The Wrights said...

Yeah!!! So so glad you finally got to hold your sweet baby girl! What a precious moment that must have been for you both! You three are still in our prayers and we continue to put your names in the temple. Keep being strong! We love you and hope to visit again soon!!!

Williams Whoop-la said...

I am so glad u got to hold Jadyn. I too got a little emotional reading your post. Mother to mother I think we all experience the same kind of joy and it is truly undescribable. She is beautiful. I am just up the canyon from SLC. if u need anything I would b happy to help. Keeping u in my thoughts and prayers. --Crystal