Thursday, November 4, 2010

One month old/Halloween

On Oct 30th our sweet girl turned one month old. 

I always thought I would have cute professional newborn pictures taken, and then have some good pics at one month old also. Well things like that don't work out so well when your baby is in the NICU. So for now these pics will have to work. Its weird to think that when she was one month old I was only suppose to be 36 weeks pregnant.

She is starting to grow so much and is filling out. Check out these chubby cheeks.

Mom and Jadyn. (She looks big but is all blanket)
  • Jadyn accomplished something huge this week...On Oct 26th she started breastfeeding for the first time! We have been waiting for like 2 weeks for her to become alert enough to act like she was interested in trying to suck. That Tues she was awake enough for me to see if she would latch on. She did quickly and acted like a pro. Since she is so sleepy all the time, we were only able to practice a few more times that week. She falls asleep really fast and is trying to learn the art of how to suck and breathe and the same time.
The NICU takes pictures for free at Halloween time so we decided to get some done. I wasn't there when they did them but they were able to take her tubes out and just blow oxygen by her face.

Jadyn will probably hate us for getting these done. I thought she was going to be a cute princess, a fairy or even a bunny... but instead I think she looks a little like Hulk Hogan LOL! Ok... that is mean to say but I'm not the biggest fan of the costume they put on her. But I still think she is the cutest thing ever!!!

Our Goldie Locks


Riley and Brittney said...

What a little Doll Kim!! Jayden is adorable. I'm glad Jayden is doing so good. Keep posting those cute pics!!

The Sutera Family said...

Oh so cute! That is cool they take those pictures. She is getting so big. I am sure she will get over her little bug. Both my friends who had babies in the NICU got a viruse and they both got better. Hang in there, I know it's hard. Thanks for the blog updates :)

Teresa Mathews said...

I think she's starting to look more and more like Cade as she get a little older. She's so cute!

Willingham"s said...

I am so happy you were able to breastfeed. i hope she can keep it up!