Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Arrivals

So Cade is giving me crap about blogging about other peoples kids but since we don't have our own I have to blog about them cuz they are the cutest, sweetest things ever! We recently had two new additions to the Mathews family.

Here is Dani just over a week old

And Jackson who is a newborn in this picture but almost 2 months old now!
We also have three more little ones on the way (that I know about) and can't wait for them to arrive. One from my side and two from Cades :) That will make a total of 38 neices and nephews I believe.


Kara said...

Oh, you're such a proud Auntie- and a favorite by the way! Shhhh- don't tell Lindsay!

The Sutera Family said...

I know Anthony is the same way about posting people on our blog other than our family. They will just ahve to get over it! Very cute babies though.