Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It seems like there is finally closure to my college career now that I finally walked on May 2nd. Overall the day was somewhat boring and long, but fun at the same time cuz my family came to celebrate with me. Good thing I have some good Nutrition buddies that kept things interesting too :)

When it came time for President Monson to speak it was like we were at some kind of concert or something. There were so many flashes going off from everyones cameras you couldn't even see his face on the screen. It was very distracting and it lasted throughout his whole talk. I wanted to get on the microphone and tell everyone to stop. But I have to admit when he first stood up I also took a pic but it didn't even turn out because we were on the very last row :)
The Roomies
Anne and me
Thanks everyone for coming and sharing the day with me!!! I know all my family had to travel and I appreciate it!


The Fosters said...

Yay! Congrats again....that must be an amazing feeling! We are glad we got to see you two for Mea's blessing. Take care :)

Aubrie said...

Congratulations Kim..how exciting to be officially done with school!

Lindsay said...

Hurray, your done!! Glad to hear it was a fun day. Sorry we couldn't be there for you. I guess we won't see you til August. (unless you make your way down here!!)

Kara said...

Sorry I missed your big day. It seems like I haven't seen you forever! When are we going to see you- more importantly, when is Jackson going to meet his favorite Aunt Kimmy? Shhhh- don't tell Lindsay!!

Bleak's said...

Congrats! It feels so good to be done huh! Miss you!

Kristi Barnes said...

Congratulations! It must feel so good to be done, now you can really enjoy the summer:)