Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Place

For those of you who don't know, Cade and I moved from our very first apartment as a married couple. We lived there for about a year but decided to say goodbye about a week ago. We now have a new temporary address for the summer. So to any of our family - if you need our new address let us know.

We are living in a house for the summer and love it. It is so fun to come home to a place with a huge yard. Cade and I tag team in taking care of it. Apparently since I am a turf farmers daughter I get the luxury of mowing while Cade edges. Who thinks Cade took the easy job?? I do :) I actually really enjoy it though. Its nice to be able to spend time outdoors and not be cooped up in a little apartment .


Kara said...

Oh, a yard... so nice! I would mow every day if I had a yard, I love the smell of fresh cut grass! I may eat my words someday, if I ever get out of this city and get grass! Maybe by then, Nathan will be old enough to help me take care of the yard I hope to have... someday!

Nilsson Family said...

Ha Ha, come on Cade, you and Eric are too much alike. Eric got paid to mow his coachs lawn and guess who did it every week? Me! Please come see me soon. Hope you are doing well. Oh, and did Eric really did text you and send you pictures right after we had the babies but he didn't have your right phone number.