Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pine Tree Inn and Bakery

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my parents Bed and Breakfast in Panaca, NV. I wanted to help my mom out and just make people aware that the Pine Tree Inn and Bakery was up and running. For those of you who have never been to the great town of Panaca, you are really missing out :) If you want to get away from the city and enjoy some nice quality time with one another, Panaca is definately the place to go.

My parents have completely remodeled my grandmas three story house and turned in into a bed and breakfast a little over a year ago. Some of you may be wondering what in heck would I do in Panaca... but they offer ATV riding (with optional tours to the waterfall and caves), horse riding, and even do catered dinners for bigger groups. There is a warm spring close by along with the famous Catherdral Gorge :)

The now recently remodeled B&B offers great rooms with your own private bathroom, along with a flat screen TV and of course an amazing yummy hot breakfast served in the morning.

Cade and I love to stay there when we go home to visit. This is us last time we went home.


The Wrights said...

That looks like so much fun! We want to go out there for sure this summer! I would love to stay at your mom's B&B! We will have to go together! I can't wait for the summer!

Kara said...

Way to advertise Kimberly! How are you guys doing? It seems like we haven't seen you forever! Come visit us sometime!

James and Katrina said...

How Fun! We look forward to staying there someday too!

Nilsson Family said...

How cute, I want to stop by there sometime too. Aren't our moms so creative!! Looks like she did a great job.

Jen Chapman Kent said...

Wow that is so neat!!! Cade, I don't think I have your e mail and I've gone private and think I'm staying that way so let me know which one you and/or your Mrs.'s uses so I can invite ya! Looks like you guys are livin' the life!