Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our ONE Year Old

How did this year fly by so fast?

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since our baby girl joined our family. I start to get emotional when I think back on this past year and everything that we have been through. To think about those NICU days (or should I say months) makes me so grateful for how far she has come.. She is a healthy, happy girl who loves to play and play and cruise all over the whole house. I'm so grateful that I get to be her Mother. She has brought so much joy to us this past year. We are so blessed! 

19.2 lbs (20th percentile), 27.5 inches (10th percentile)
Jadyn's Favorite Things:
- WALK and walk and walk (with my help of coarse). At about 10.5 months Jadyn discovered she can finally be mobile by walking if she holds onto our fingers. Our lives (and my back) have not been the same since. She no longer wants to sit on the floor and play with toys. She is the happiest when she is standing or walking. For the past month she has pushed her little walker around the house and has put so many miles on that thing. She will now cruise around the funiture and stand for quite a while by herself.
- Jadyn loves to swing in the back yard with mom. She could be entertained by this for hours. Not looking forward to these winter months ahead when we can no longer go outside to play.
- She loves table foods and wants anything that Mom or Dad eats. Turkey, string cheese, pasta, fruit, yogurt, crackers and gold fish are her favorite foods. (She now has 10 teeth).
-Loves other kids. She will light up as soon as she sees them. She tends to smother our guests when they come over to play.


JaKe and NaT* said...

I cant believe she is 1 either..seriously where does the time go? pretty sure were goin to be sending them to the prom:( Happy 1 year pretty girl!

Felicia said...

Ok Kim, I know I say this everytime I make a comment, but she is absolutely beautiful. I can't get over it. I loved all the updated pictures. That is quite the family picture. What a treasure. Hope all is well with you and your little family.