Friday, January 28, 2011


 I am proud to say that Jadyn finally smiles. Jan 10th was her first real big social smile. And she still melts my heart every time. It is the hardest thing to ever capture on the camera. As soon as i bring out the camera she just stares at it forever and wont take her eyes off it. I just happened to catch it twice.

Right now J is a pretty easy baby. She is still on a pretty good schedule: Eats every 3 hours, is awake for about an hour, then sleeps for 2 hours until its time to eat again. ( I contribute some of her sleeping to her anemia). After her noon feeding is when she is the most fun. She likes to talk, smile, and we will play on the floor with toys and do tummy time. She sleeps for about 7 hours at night which is so nice. She seems to be getting so big and I'm happy to announce that the fluid in her belly has gone down quite a bit in the past 2 weeks. It got really big there for a while and our pediatrician was a little concerned that it was getting harder for her to breathe because of the pressure it puts on her lungs. We went to see another GI Dr at Primary Childrens and by that time it had gone down quite a bit. They are not too worried about it. They say it should continue to go down on her own and might take several more months. We continue to do blood work on her, me, Cade and family members to see if we can figure out her diagnosis. But right now she is a happy and seems to be healthy... thankfully!

P.S. I do realize that this is now officially Jadyn's blog. Cade and I are very boring now. Maybe someday we will do something worthy of sharing but as for now Jadyn is much more fun to talk about.


Riley and Brittney said...

Your baby is seriously the cutest little girl!! She is a doll.

Bleak's said...

Sorry I am such a terrible friend and am just now seeing your cute little Jadyn. She is beautiful and am glad to hear she is doing so much better (I went all the way back to her birth and read everything) :) I am so happy for your little family and that she is at home and health. Our little girls are only a month and a half apart. It made me tear up hearing all the ups and downs you had to go through. 6 days in the NICU with Benson is all I had to do and I thought it was the hardest thing. I can only imagine the trooper you had to be for 2 months. You are so amazing and I have always looked up to you. If you wouldn't mind e-mailing me your mailing address so I would love to send you something. it's
Again Jaydn is such a doll. I love her cute little smiling pictures. It's one of the greatest feelings to have your child look at you smile and just adore you. Congrats to you....just a few months late! :)

skiscott said...

Those are such cute smiles! I know about the deadpan face whenever the camera comes out - you really have to go into stealth mode. But, you did great with these two. I'm very glad to hear that she is getting healthier and stronger. I'll bet your dad's heart melts a bit when he sees those smiles. Hang in there; it keeps getting better and better!

Kara said...

I LOVE the pictures! She's getting so big and I'm so happy to hear that she is doing well and slowly getting better. Are you starting to relax and enjoy it all? We can't wait to see you guys and meet Baby J (is that her nickname?)

James and Katrina said...

Thanks for the updates. WE really appreciate it! Jadyn is so sweet. Keep us posted about the blood results.