Saturday, January 8, 2011

Catching up

So I decided I need to post more pictures of Jadyn since she has been home so I don't forget what shes like when she's little. Most of these pictures are older but hopefully some updated ones will be coming soon.

These are some of the things she loves:
  • She loves to cuddle with mom and dad (which I'm told doesn't last too long..sadly)

  • Loves bath time!!!
  • And doesn't mind too much getting dressed 
(She is definately getting some cheeks on her which make them that more kissable!)

Other things she likes right now:
  • Loves to fall asleep on her boppy of all places
  • Likes her carseat as long as the car is moving!
  • Loves to eat..which is a huge improvement from her hospital days
  • Likes to study your face and be more alert at times
  • Is begining to like her crib a little bit more even though she has not transitioned to nights in there yet - hopefully we will master that soon


Tony and Maricela Foster said...

She is just so precious and yes....LOVE those cheeks :). So glad to hear everything is going well for your cute family.

James and Katrina said...

Thank you for the updates. We pray for you guys every day. -James

Kara said...

Chubby cheeked babies are the best! I still love to kiss Nathan's chubby cheeks and I call him my "squishy"! It's funny, cause he does the same thing to me- silly boy. We miss you guys and hope to hear from you soon. Love ya!