Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And finally The Wedding

So I kind of neglected to mention the whole reason we went on this trip to California was for Brett and Oxana's wedding. Brett is Cade's oldest brother who got married on Coronado Island on Jan. 16th. We took some pictures on the island before the ceremony. Here is Cade's family (minus the spouses)Here are his siblings. Can you guess which ones are the triplets???

The ceremony was on a boathouse. You can see Cade performing his brotherly duty on the right. The bride and groom looked amazing and the food there was so good. Overall it was a great trip and we are very happy for Brett and Oxana.


The next part of our trip we went to Disneyland! Cade's triplet brother and his wife joined the rest of us along with Cade's older brother and our new neice. It was a blast! Even though I've been to Disneyland many times, this time it was really fun to experience it with my new fam.

Our first ride - the tram :) I love this pic of Cade and his nephew Kyler.

Part of the crew stoped to pose at the entrance.

The mother in law and me just chillin :

Kyler got his drivers license a little early

You can't really tell but the famous Disneyland castle is behind us.

California Cont....

So last time I was able to use the internet my camera died so I wasn't able to upload the rest of our trip to California. After we went to my brothers house we then left to go stay with the Booth fam for the rest of the week. We had so much fun. We stayed at this condo at a resort outside of San Diego. It was Cade's parents, nephew, triplet sister and her husband who all crashed there together. Cade and I had to sleep on the hide a bed but we didn't mind. The weather was perfect and it was absolutely beautiful there. Here is the view from our balcony.We went to this beach by San Diego...I think it was called Pacific Beach. There was a Board Walk with lots of shops and restaurants. I could have stayed there forever. I miss the beach so much!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last week Cade and I took off work for the entire week and headed down to Cali. Our first stop was at my brothers house. I always love going there. Thanks Brent and Lindsay for taking care of us and letting us stay! Cade and B chillin by the ocean. It was crazy to go from snow to 85 degree weather. We loved it

We went jet skiing and watched the sunset out on the ocean. We also saw a bunch of dolphins and got to ride right along side them. It was so pretty out there but of course I couldn't take my camera so here is Cade when we got back.
I look ridiculous but oh well :) The water was freezing but the weather was so nice even though it was Jan.