Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween Time

(I realize I'm about about a month late posting about Halloween and with Thanksgiving a couple of days away I decided I better get on it.)

We started off our Halloween festivities by going to Daddy's work to go trick or treating.

Our little cheetah girl was all smiles.

By the time we met half of Cade's co-workers Jadyn had cried off all her makeup. Ha! She is quite our sensitive girl. Lets just say Halloween is not her favorite Holiday. I don't blame her. Scary makeup and costumes would make me cry too.

That night we headed over Grandma and Grampa Booth's house for a family Halloween party which included the most amazing chili, soup, and corn bread. So fun to hang out with family and play with cousins.

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JaKe and NaT* said...

Love her costume!! She is the cutest!