Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bear Lake and Update

Last weekend Cade and I and about 20 of our friends all went to Bear Lake.
We had lots of fun hanging at Keira's cabin, laying in the sun (well me trying to stay outta the sun), going to the demolition derby, and eating raspberry shakes.

Here are some pics of our day at the Lake.

Hanna, Brian, Kim, Cade
(Thanks for the pic Em)
The bro's minus Levi:

The three prego's. (Me at 25wks. Bridget at 33 wks and Gianne at 32 wks...I think)

Waiting for the football....
Here it comes...
Cade is pretty proud of this one handed catch :) Thanks for the pic Gianne.

Cade and I are trying to go on with life as normal as possible. We moved into our new place in South Jordan on Mon. I will have to post pics of that later when its decorated...which might be a while. Now that we have an extra bedroom I am having a hard time trying not to think about the nursery I want to create.
As far as Dr. appointments I am now going every week. One week I go to my reg OB, then the next to my specialist. I still get so nervous when i go in for my ultrasounds. Everything is pretty much the same as far as her fluid and outcome. I guess I'm just relieved she is not getting I'll take it.  We have made it to 26 weeks. The heartbeat is still good and she is still growing. My doctors seem to think this could either be a good thing because her odds have SLIGHTLY improved since I have made it a little further, or a bad thing because the longer I carry her the more attached I get. They still are not too optimistic. But I have no choice but to think that she just might make it.
 I told a few people I would try and let them know what was going on so hopefully this little update works for now.
Thanks again for thinking of us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have always been one of those people who are reluctant to share anything too personal on my blog but woke up this morning and felt so grateful for all of our wonderful family and friends and for all their thoughts, prayers and support. Even though I don't know what the future holds I have felt some comfort in the past few days and I know it is because of all your prayers so thank you!

I know that our blog is the only way we keep in touch with a few of our friends, so now that I can somewhat talk about it... here it is.

Our story...........

When I was 20 weeks pregnant we went in to have our ultrasound at the hospital to finally find out what we were having. It had been 4 1/2 weeks since we initially tried to find out if it was a boy or a girl and the suspense and excitement was killing me. I was anxious as Cade and I drove there but I told Cade that above anything else I just wanted them to tell us it was a healthy baby. I knew at this appointment they would be going over all the anatomy of our baby.

I was estatic to see our little one up on the screen. The tech went through the ultrasound pictures telling us what we were seeing as we went. At the end as I thought we were wrapping up and she was going to let us see what we were having, she suddenly but camly said there is something wrong with our baby. I was stunned. What did she mean? She said there was fluid in the stomach and went to go get the Dr. I had already began to unravel. Cade tried to keep me calm by saying that we didn't know what was wrong yet and that we shouldn't jump to thinking the worst. Which helped but I was still terrified waiting there not knowing what was going on.

A few min later the Dr came in, took a look at things, and announced to us that our baby has a cystic hygroma, which is basically a fluid filled tumor behind our babies neck. He said by looking at the fluid buildup our baby has a chromasome abnormality that he believes to be Turner's Syndrome. He explained that we were having a girl and Turner's Syndrome occurs when there is a missing X Chromosome. I found it very hard to concentrate as he went on to explain that her lyphotic system was not working which was causing there to be fluid in her stomach and chest cavity also. He then gave us the devasating news that babies with Turner's have a very low survival rate and that he did not expect our baby to make it past the next month. I felt like my whole world was upside down. How could this be happening to us and our sweet baby girl?

It has been a very rough month. For a long time I did not want to see or talk to anyone. I am very thankful for my husband and the strong priesthood holder he is. He gave me a blessing and continues to remind me that Heavenly Father has a plan for us even if that plan is not what we want.

Two weeks ago we had another appointment at the Maternal Fetal Medicine. They told us that everything is pretty much the same. It is so hard to see her at those appointments. I just want her to be alright. They wanted to monitor us weekly but said that seeing how hard it is for me that we should come in every 2-3 weeks instead.

Yesterday I went in to my regular OB. I am 24 weeks and he said that I am measuring where I should , which means she is growing and that the heartbeat is still good. We have made it past the initial point of what they thought. They still don't know what to expect as far as her outcome but it is good to know that there are no problems with her heart! Next week I will have another appointment with the specialist to see whats going on with the fluid.

I never thought I'd be this open on my blog but just wanted to say..
Thanks again for everyones thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it!