Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Graduation is Coming!

Well its time for Graduation this weekend on Sat. May 2nd. For any of my family members who are coming and haven't told me yet, please do :) I know some of you are coming or at least planning on it, and I am super excited! For those of you who want to hear Pres. Monson speak in the morning need to let me know cuz I might be able to get you a ticket. Well I'm sure there will be lots of pics to come next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Job

So for those of you who don't know, I got another job. It came right in the nick of time. Cade and I really needed something else to help us out. I will still keep my job a the the Nursing Home as a Dietary Tech but will also be traveling twice a month all over the country going to conventions to sell products for Story Tellers Club. I just got home from my trip to Louisville, KY. My friend Lizzy and I are travel partners so we definately have some great laughs together. Hopefully I can post some pics soon. The people there were so proud of their basketball team. Too bad they ended up loosing. Maybe I brought them bad luck. There goes my bracket since I picked them to win :(

The trip was great though, except for the traveling aspect of it. On our way there the airlines lost our luggage so we had to spend the night without any of our stuff, and then on the way home our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our connecting flight home. We ended up spending the night in North Carolina. It was all part of the adventure though :) and I'm sure there are a lot more great stories to come. I feel very lucky to have such a fun job. The only hard part is being away from Cade for 5 to 6 DAYS at a time.