Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I am so sad that my camera died forever ago and I can not find my charger since the move :(
Anyways we put up our Christmas tree on Wed and I love it.
I just have to brag to Brent and Lindsay too that this is the best Christmas tree we have ever had....well I guess that just means its better than last years since we've only had one tree.... but still you guys just might be regreting your decision if you saw it. Ha.

I had so much fun cutting down a tree the day after Thanksgiving even though I was missing Cade and missing my camera.

 I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! It finally feels like Christmas around here!

....and that is something to blog about!
-Especially cuz I'm sick of our Halloween stuff staring me in the face


Kara said...

Hey there stranger! Well, I want to see pictures of your Christmas tree! We just went and bought our first tree at a lot around the corner. Nathan was calling it the Christmas tree patch cause it's the same place they had the pumpkin patch. Poor city kid!! Anyways, our tree is very pretty and has a lovely shape, unlike the unique Panaca "bushes", but it's not the same as hiking through the hills with you guys looking for the best looking tree we've ever had!! Anyways, miss you and when are we going to see you? We'll be in Panaca for Christmas this year! Knowing our luck, this is probably the time you won't be coming huh? Well, I need your address to send you guys a Christmas card. I hope life is treating you well. Come visit us anytime!

Kara said...

Whoa! That last comment was LONG!!! Sorry! Just trying to show you some love!

Ashley said...


Hi, I was looking at your facebook and saw your blog link so here I am. It looks like you are doing good. Thanks for the friendship through college.