Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24th Celebration

This past weekend Cade and I headed to Panaca for the 24th of July celebration we have there. Cade, my two brothers (Chris and Scott), and cousin Lance were all on a team for the traditional 3 on 3 basketball tournament. They did so good and were undefeated.

3 on 3 ChampionsCade, Chris, Scott, Lance
The Parade
This is Cade's adopted son for the weekend. He loves Uncle Cade!!! Nathan was usually right there by his side and when he wasn't, Nathan was asking "where's Cade?" So cute!

Here is the Mathews Farms float ha ha. That's what ya get in a small town. Our float took grand prize. You can't really tell from this pic but it was pretty good. They had corn poppin up in rows and everything.
Just chillin...waiting for the parade to start

Dutch Oven Dinner

Every year after the parade we have a big dinner at the church and the whole town comes. This year my dad was Chairman and he decided to have dutch oven dinner. It was so good! I'm proud of him for pullin that off. It's not easy roundin up 150 dutch ovens and cooking chicken, potatoes, baked beans, biscuts, and cobbler for 700 people. Nice work pops! The not so sweet part is I ended up helping make 700 biscuts...uggh!

Some of my family came and here we are hanging out on the porch. I wish we had a pic of the green fields that surround my house. They are so pretty in the summertime, especially at this time of the day. Good old Panaca...sometimes I wish we could live there.


Monica said...

Thanks for the 24th details, we sure wish we were there! But we're in shock that there wasn't BBQ Beef for dinner. Sounds like a VERY welcome change to me :) See you in Panaca next year for sure!

Kara said...

You documented the weekend so well! Can I just copy it and put it on my blog?? I love that picture of Cade and Nathan! It's so cute, and yes, Nathan loves Uncle Cade, and Aunt Kimmy. thanks for being so great to him and for helping out so much with Jackson while we were there! We miss you and wish we had you guys closer so we could hang out more and beat you guys in ROOK!!!

Lindsay said...

I wish we could have been there. I guess it will be awhile til we make another 24th:( Can't wait to see you in a week. We'll be in Cedar the 7th-9th.

The Tripps said...

That sounded like alot of fun...makes me miss small towns. Maybe I will have to check out Panaca on the 24th next year.

James and Katrina said...

Oh, now we are missing Panaca and seeing all of you. Thanks for the update---looks like a lot of fun.