Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8 Months Have Come and Gone

I cant believe this little Lovebug is getting so big.

Man time sure does fly. I stumbled upon Jadyn's preemie/newborn clothes the other day and found myself sifting through them amazed at how little she was. Can a baby really fit in newborn clothes? It doesn't seem likely now that I have this chunk-a-lunk on my hands. We've even got to experience her tinyness a little longer than most parents. About two more extra months that is.

For now here are some things I want to remember about 8 months (adjusted age 6 months):

Accomplishments lately:
- Sitting up...Well for a few minutes that is. She has just started taking off lately and can even recover when she starts to tip. I feel like we have been at that tipsy sitting up stage forever...at least two months. Note: she does remarkably better when her helmet is off. We will just have to keep practicing.
- About a month ago Jadyn started sprouting two little bottom teeth. They are cute little stubs now and I love that little smile. I have to watch out though she is a little biter.
-She will hold her bottle now through a full feeding but hast to be in the mood and mostly wants mom to do it
-Overcame her frist sickness (bronciolitis and an ear infection)...I don't know if thats an accomplishment but I'm just glad she is doing better.
- Only wears her helmet at night time and naps. HORRAY!

Things she loves:

- J's new favorite thing is swimming. We've been a few times now and she just loves it. She gets so excited she will kick those little legs and get those arms moving so fast. She is usually all smiles as soon as she hits the water
-Continues to love reading books. She will now turn the pages of her board books all by herself.
-Loves to play outside.
-Loves pretty much any food you give her. Also loves to try and grab her spoon when eating (which mom doesn't love)
-Loves to dance with mom or dad. You put music on and give her a twirl around the living room and she thinks this is the greatest thing ever. 
- Loves songs. If she is grumpy you just start singing her fav "Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree" and a smile will come every time.
-Loves her Daddy. When he gets her ready for bath time at night I can sometimes hear her giggling away at him.